Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Basement Beautification

When we bought our 1918 Colonial Style home back in 2002, it had a creepy basement.

    We hung drywall to hide the crawlspace, painted the floor, stairs, and walls.

While shopping in a market in Pakistan back in 2003, I purchased fabric and later stapled it to the joists to create a ceiling and keep up the cords and insulation. 

Recently, I was inspired by the blog, The Stories from A to Z, to embellish my wooden staircase. With some of the old paint and a $6 stencil, I went to work.  On Halloween, I donned old scrubs as paint clothes and worked on the stenciling. I ran out of time, and took my kids to the Harvest Festival at church in scrubs with red paint stains, which, I am told, made a very realistic costume.

I love the look of my basement stairs now!